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Rush Limbaugh And Radio Caller Attack Michelle Obama's Fashion Sense [Video]


Rush Limbaugh Talks About Why Michelle Obama Shouldn’t Wear Yellow

Rush Limbaugh has already expressed his feelings about Presidential First Lady Michelle Obama’s weight in the past and last week on his radio show a caller identified as Laura from Bremerton, Washington commented on Mrs. Obama’s lack of fashion sense.

She likened the First Lady to a bowl of mustard when she wears yellow and called her a tacky dresser.

“She never seems really to be happy, she doesn’t wear her clothes with any finesse or flair, she just seems to march around like a lumberjack…” stated Laura.

Rush provokes her opinion and refers to it as beyond anecdotal.

He made sure to keep her on the subject of Michelle, her fashion choices and the colors she chooses.

Rush questions the reason for her praise and he and Laura point out that any criticism of Obama’s policies or Michelle’s clothing would seem racist.

Rush politically chimes in,

“I’m not going to say what I think about her shape. I’m not really sure what it is…I can’t win this, there’s no purpose of getting into a detailed analysis of the First Lady’s shape.”

Take a look at the footage of the call live:

Check out some other visuals here.


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  • Richard Jones

    And Rush is really on the cutting edge of fashion with that $5, wrinkled WalMart polo.
    And Laura from Bremerton sounds like a real runway model with that smoker’s rasp.
    And enough with the ‘regime’ crap – come up with some new material Mr. Comedian-In-Chief!

  • Stop It!!

    Oh please! The First Lady always looks amazing. They must be jealous. I guess that’s what you do when you are miserable, talk about people when there is nothing wrong with them.

  • Christine

    First of all, women from Bremerton,Washington are called Bremerwhales because most of them are fat as hell. And Rush???????? Really!!!!!!! Somebody please call Tom Ford….lol

  • Dria

    OH PLEASE ! Michelle Obama stays FLY… The envy is so thick ova there they need to concentrate on their weight and what they wear cause Rush looks a mess and the caller sounds like she sitting around with a cigarette in her mouth and rollers in her hair!

  • d.j.mase70

    They just can’t stand that Beautiful Black Woman, Who is powerful and successful in her own right. Being married to the most powerful man on the planet. And he loves her, I love her. And burns all the Beckys asses because ain’t a damn thing they can do about it. As for Rush…That fat dope fiend speaks for itself.

  • Shalonndramarie

    I think this Devil has a Crush on this Beautiful Black Women and he say’s the things he say’s because he has to keep his self convinced it’s hate but it’s really infatuation. The White man has alway’s desired the Black women. Back in the day’s they could take them and do whatever because we were there property. They can’t do that now eventhough some of us let them, so he has to hate her up close but admire her to the fullest from a distant check it.

  • Figures this fat, pill popping dude will always say something about the Obamas, face it he just can’t stand a African American Family in the White house. He is the type of person that if he was choking and the only person who could save him was black, that fool would rather die.

  • Ms. H

    Mrs. Obama is one of the best dressed first ladies ever. Rush is a racist a$$hole and Laura when your husband is running the country let us see what you wear.

  • erin

    Actually, I think Rush prefers skinny young men.

  • wendy

    Go to rehab Rush I think you are a emotional wreck.