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Talib Kweli and DJ Eque are getting divorced, but there is a dispute over how long the former couple has been separated. According to the Brooklyn rapper, they formally separated back in 2015, but Eque says it didn’t happen until 2020.

The five-year discrepancy can mean a big difference when it comes to who gets what and how much when their assets get split.

According to TMZ, legal docs reveal that Kweli has pinpointed their date of separation as October 20, 2015, when he moved out of their shared home. However, Eque says July 10, 2020 is the actual date of separation.

The couple was married back in May 2009, and Eque filed for divorce in 2020. According to Kweli, after he moved out in 2015, they didn’t do anything as a couple, including talking or sleeping together.

Many people, besides close friends, were unaware the couple was on the outs. Kweli still referred to Eque as his wife until he revealed their separation during the debacle that found him in an Internet war with a woman who accused him colorism in 2020. An activist named Maya Moody commented on rappers marrying light-skinned Black women and Kweli took exception to the allegation.  Kweli’s devotion to what he claims was defending his honor in the aforementioned dispute led many to accuse the “Get By” rapper of being the aggressor and a cyber harasser. In fact, his Twitter account was suspended due to harassment and Eque’s date of separation lines up with the aforementioned time period.

After Eque filed for divorce, Kweli issued a statement. saying, “Eque and I have been separated since 2015. We haven’t lived in the same house or even seen each other since 2015.”

The docs TMZ is referencing seem to be heavy in Kweli’s favor, reporting asserting the rapper’s claims that Eque was “aggressive and violent toward him” and that he supported her financially for over 5 years.