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Three Dead, Two Wounded at an Indoor Shooting Range In Metairie, LA

Source: Michael DeMocker / Getty

Racism is just coming out the pores of MAGAts these days thanks to Cheeto Jesus encouraging such behavior while he was in office. But now a white woman has lost her life for expressing her bigoted ways. is reporting that a woman was shot dead by authorities after accosting repair workers who were Black and simply doing their jobs of trying to restore power to a Hurricane Ida stricken town in New Orleans.

“A crew of Jefferson Parish workers was repairing a Metairie water main broken by Hurricane Ida when a woman pulled up in her car Wednesday, called them “f—-ng n—-rs” and demanded that they be arrested. The workers then flagged down sheriff’s deputies and reported her harassment, at which point the woman twice struck one officer with her car before another deputy shot her to death, said Sheriff Joe Lopinto and an eyewitness who recorded a series of videos of the beginning of the woman’s meltdown.”

Though the woman was obviously racist as they come, the Sheriff said that the women was off her rocker as “There didn’t seem to be a whole lot right with her.”

Ya think?

The middle-aged woman whose name has not been yet released has a history of getting protective custody orders, so that adds to the notion that she had mental issues she was dealing with. Still, the Sheriff said that was no excuse for her behavior towards the men who were doing their jobs.

According to the report after the woman verbally accosted the men who were working to repair the main on 6400 block of Park Manor Drive to restore water to the neighborhood, they flagged down a police car to help them in the situation. After police began talking to the woman, she continued to scream at the men for being Black in America before she went off and ran over the deputies which in turn led to her shooting.

That white privilege card will only get you so far in Amerikkka. At least the parish workers weren’t injured in the drama.