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Devin Booker Reveals He Is Battling COVID-19 During Twitch Stream

Source: Christian Petersen / Getty

You can add Devin Booker to the list of NBA players who have caught COVID-19.

The Phoenix Suns all-star revealed he is the latest NBA superstar battling the highly contagious virus during a recent Twitch stream while playing some Call of Duty on Sunday (Sept. 26). Per TMZ, Booker revealed to his followers that COVID-19 had taken away his taste and smell, one of the many common symptoms of the virus.

“I got the ‘vid, man,” Kendall Jenner’s boo revealed, further adding, “Honestly, I’m feeling straight, man. Only thing that I’m dealing with is no taste, no smell. Which is the worst part of it.”

Despite his current situation, Booker remained optimistic, stating, “I’m about a week in. I’m going to be back in no time. No time.” As to where the professional hooper caught COVID-19, your guess is as good as ours. It’s been no secret that Booker and Jenner have been traveling the world during the pandemic. He didn’t mention if he is part of the 90% of NBA players vaccinated against COVID-19. BUT, for whatever reason, he did decide to point out that “You can still get COVID with the vaccine,” a dumb point that many people who don’t want to get the shot use as an excuse. 

Fellow hooper Bradley Beal who admitted he is unvaccinated, made it a point to bring up vaccinated people catching still being able to contract COVID-19, a clear indication Beal doesn’t understand how vaccines work.

TMZ reports that Booker is expected to miss the start of training camp because he will still be recovering from the virus. It’s not known if Kendall Jenner also contracted COVID-19.

We wish Booker a speedy recovery.

Photo: Christian Petersen / Getty