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Sony Cutting PS5 Production By 1 Million, Report

Source: Future Publishing / Getty

If you managed to get a PS5 since its launch last year, consider yourself very fortunate.

According to a report from Bloomberg citing sources familiar with Sony’s operations, the company has reportedly cut production plans for the PlayStation 5 console by around 1 million consoles. The culprit? The same chip shortages and logistics constraints. Basically, it’s going to be even harder to find a PS5 console.

According to the report, Sony initially looked to produce 16 million PS5 consoles in the year ending March 2022 but cut the figure down to 15 million. Sony’s Chief Financial Officer, Hiroki Totoki, recently revealed to investors that part shortages and logistical shortages have become more “severe,” the report further detailed. PS5 sales in the quarter ended of September 2021 were “weaker than expected,” with PS5 sales falling behind the pace of the PS4 since July.

Bloomberg’s sources noted that PS5 assembly partners have constantly communicated with component suppliers to stay on top of shipments and ensure they arrive in time. But, ultimately, deciding that cutting production by 1 million would be the wise way to move because it would not be able to meet its initial projections.

This news comes on the heels of Verizon announcing it will now sell PS5 consoles to its online members. It’s going to be a mad scramble now to secure PS5 AND Xbox Series X consoles for the foreseeable future, as there is currently no relief in sight for this chip shortage.

If you’re still one of the many gamers or a parent on the hunt for a PS5 or Xbox Series X, check out some of these cheat codes that should aid you in your quest to secure one.

Good luck.

Photo: Future Publishing / Getty