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Nicki Minaj's Husband Claims His Rape Victim Was A "Willing Participant"

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Kenneth Petty continues to prove he is an awful individual.

Per Complex, Nicki Minaj’s problematic husband, Kenneth Petty, admitted to having sex with Jennifer Hough, the woman who accused him of raping her in 1994, but claims that the sexual intercourse between them was consensual.

“I never raped the Plaintiff, and I deny her accusations of rape contained in the Amended Complaint,” Petty said in the court filing. “I also deny all of Plaintiff’s allegations in the Amended Complaint that I committed any improper conduct, sexual abuse, and/or sexual assault. The sexual encounter between Plaintiff and I, which occurred 27 years ago, was consensual, and Plaintiff was a willing participant. I did not force Plaintiff into a house, I did not force Plaintiff to have sex with me, and I did not sexually or physically assault Plaintiff in any way. Nor did I ever threaten Plaintiff.”

That’s rather strange, being that he spent four years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted rape charges brought by Hough. Now, he claims he only did so out of fear.


“I pled guilty to attempted rape, despite my innocence, because I was a scared 16-year-old kid and was told that my sentence would be 20 years to life if I did not plead guilty to attempted rape,” he further added.


In a statement sent to XXL, Hough’s attorney, Tyrone A. Blackburn, responded to Petty’s ridiculous claims.

“A willing participant would not run 20 blocks to school after a sexual encounter and tell the school security/police that she was raped. If Petty believed Ms. Hough was a willing participant he should have never plead guilty to attempted rape.”

Hough has been very vocal in calling out both Nicki Minaj and Petty. She recently slapped the couple with a civil suit accusing them of harassment and intimidation. Hough also took her story to The Real and tearfully detailed the harassment she endured from The Pettys. Following that appearance on the daytime talk show, Hough says she received death threats from some members of Minaj’s extremely loyal and toxic fanbase, the Barbz.
Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty