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Nicki Minaj may be enjoying motherhood, but that’s not stopping her name from appearing in some messy drama.

As previously reported, the Queens rapper graciously shared photos of her son with her legion of fans, and the Barbz are over the moon; but the adorable photos didn’t stop more drama from hitting the Petty household after the alleged victim of Kenneth Petty’s crime made a tearful and public plea asking the couple to “stop harassing” her and her family.

According to public reports, Kenneth Petty’s alleged rape victim is speaking out after claiming that she has been harassed by the Pettys during Minaj’s break from music. In an emotional Instagram post, the alleged victim tearfully requests that the Pettys “leave her alone.”

“This message is for Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty,” the unidentified woman said. “Tell your f*ckin people to leave my family alone. Don’t call my f*ckin family. Don’t call my brothers. Don’t call anybody. Leave me and my family the f*ck alone!”

While it’s unclear the level of “harassment” that the woman, who requested to have her name withheld, has faced. While she didn’t go into further details about the ongoing issue, she did clear up Minaj’s claim that the two were an item when the rape occurred, adding that the two weren’t even friends noting that both she and Petty were 16 at the time disputing the age difference that Minaj previously stated.

In another video on YouTube, the woman went into more depth about why she’s deciding to share her story now.

“I decided to make this video because I feel like even though it’s something  that happened 26-years-ago, I’m still living with the effects now. On September 16, 1994, it was a Friday, I left my home, on my way to a city bus stop, heading to school,” the victim said. “I was met at the bus stop by Mr. Kenneth Petty. At the time, I knew him as Kenny. We grew up in the same neighborhood…He asked me where I was going, I said ‘school.’ He said he was going to school. I said, ‘You’re lying’ because I never knew Kenny to go to school. Kenny was a bum. He was a street guy. He was always on the street corner. That’s what I knew him for, a street drug dealer…I had no reason to fear him at the time, I just thought he was annoying.”

While the woman states that the exchange between the two was friendly at first, it quickly turned sinister when Petty placed an object in her back, which court records state was a knife, and forced her into a room before raping her.

“Next thing you know, this n*gga was on up on me. He had something in my back. And he said, ‘Start walking,’” the woman continued. “I said ‘Kenny, stop playing.’ He was like I’m serious, start walking.’ I automatically assumed it was a gun. Next thing you know, he pushed a door open. He’s pushing me up the steps. And when I get up in the room, I’m trying to talk him out of stuff. I’m trying to leave and he pushes me down. I’m holding my pants but he’s squeezing the sides of my stomach, really hard. (Through tears) As he’s squeezing me, I had to let go of my pants to get his hands off of me. It was rough going through what I went through with him. It was hell… He was standing in front of the mirror, beating his chest like ‘I’m the man. I’m the man.’ I picked up a bottle and threw it with all my might at his head.”

Check out the video below.