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Mike Bigga Addresses “Burn” Ban

Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga, whose controversial “Burn” video was yanked by BET then subsequently put back in rotation after public backlash, recently addressed the whole situation in an interview with the Huffington Post.

“I’m not faulting BET for this alone,” noted the Atlanta rapper. “They aren’t the only network that makes room for just about any party song, mine included. But since this company professes to be a proponent, an agent of help and change for the African-American community, I think they also have a responsibility to air a voice like mine when I have something to say on behalf of the working class and the working poor.”

Mike added that BET will probably never change it’s counterproductive practices.

“I am so tired of the whole BET conversation,” he continued. “BET is what it is and has been what it is for 20 years, and BET is not going to really change in any substantive ways because BET makes a hell of a lot of money using the business model that it uses.”

The video for “Burn” off Mike’s PL3DGE LP featured news footage and addressed sensitive subjects such as the Oscar Grant case. Killa Kill says he was asked by the network to tone the video down.