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Fox News Sites Says, “Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ Didn’t Create Jobs”

Fox News, who has a history of taunting President Barack Obama, were back to their old tricks when affiliate site The Fox Nation published an article on Friday, calling Obama’s 50th birthday celebration a “Hip-Hop BBQ” and stating that the event “Didn’t Create Jobs.”

The New York Times reports:

“Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ Didn’t Create Jobs,” read the headline on an article on The Fox Nation, a conservative arm of, which is owned by the News Corporation.

Below the headline were photos of Mr. Obama and, separately, three black celebrities who attended the party, the basketball player Charles Barkley, the comedian Chris Rock and the rapper Jay-Z.

Not pictured were any attendees of other racial backgrounds, like the actor Tom Hanks or Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago.

The article, published Friday morning, generated more than 2,000 comments and substantial objections from people who found it to be inaccurate at best and racist at worst.

Media Matters for America, a progressive group that campaigns against Fox, asserted that the article was part of a pattern of “race-baiting headlines and content” on the Web site.

It’s obvious the editor’s motives in this article were racially charged.

Was using photos of Chris Rock, Charles Barkley and Jay-Z, and singling them out as guests supposed to be funny?

Although anything that’s familiar with Fox News shouldn’t be surprised.

They’re known for their juvenile reporting and one-sided opinions when it comes to matters in reporting of Obama (well, when it comes to reporting, period).

How do you feel about the “Hip-Hop BBQ” comments?

Is this another racial jab at President Obama by Fox News? Or are people being too sensitive?