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Anderson Cooper Slams Chris Brown

CNN’s Anderson Cooper is speaking out against Chris Brown and adding him to his “Ridiculist”, a list of things he finds utterly ridiculous in the media.

As previously reported Brown’s been added to the cast of Think Like A Man adapted from Steve Harvey’s best-selling book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.

According to Cooper however, Brown’s history of violence and constant sparring with other artists should have made him ineligible for the romantic comedy’s cast.

After remarking that Brown beat his girlfriend Rihanna and “threatened to kill her while blood filled her mouth,” Cooper sarcastically added that “he [Brown] just oozes romance…Chris Brown has the romance thing down!”

Continuing on his sarcastic tirade, Cooper also made mention of the singer’s infamous Good Morning America appearance where he broke a window and stormed out after being asked about his tumultuous relationship with the songstress.

“Remember a few months ago when Chris Brown trashed the place , broke a window, scared the hair and makeup people…that was hilarious. That was also kind of romantic when you think about it because if you remember his violent outburst was inspired by a you guessed it; a lady, Robin Roberts.

Check out Anderson Cooper ripping into Chris Brown below.

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