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Welp, it happened. Kim Kardashian is finally legally a single woman again, and, of course, Kanye West is in his feelings about it. Ye, who frankly has been giving us borderline stalker vibes throughout this whole saga, recently defended his “Eazy” video, in which he buried alive a clay version of Kim’s new boo Pete Davidson. Ye said the visuals in the video were “art” and that art  “is therapy just like this view.”

Well now, Yeezus is getting his “therapy” through a softer form of art. He wrote a poem about the pain of divorce and posted it on Instagram.

“Divorce feels like your doctor don’t know shit / Divorce feels like walking on glass,” Kanye wrote. 

He then likens the split with Kim to “running through a glass wall,” being “bullied in a class hall,” and “getting beat up in the mall.” (Listen, nobody ever said Ye was Saul Williams. Give him a break on these nursery rhymes—mans is hurt.)

Not only did Ye express how broken his heart is due to his divorce, but he also referenced the drama between him and Kim and their shared children. This may or may not have anything to do with the recent battle the ex-couple had over their daughter North having a Tik Tok account.

“Divorce feels like your hand was burned on the stove / Divorce feels like your soul was dragged over coals,” he continued. “Divorce feels like your kids were snatched from your control / Divorce feels like you’ve been shot and traffic is slow.” 

The piece only gets sadder and more dramatic from there. It’s worth it to say that while art can be a form of therapy, it’s no replacement for the real thing.

What Kanye needs is professional help. Hopefully, his healing journey leads him in that direction.