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The Batman

Source: Jonathan Olley™ & © DC Comics / The Batman

Matt Reeves’ The Batman surprised many fans not only with an admirable performance from Robert “Twilight” Pattinson as the Caped Crusader, but also with a gritty and enticing three-hour storyline that left viewers wanting more of this version of Gotham City the director conjured up.

Well, everyone’s about to get their wish as Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. has officially announced that a sequel to The Batman has been greenlit by the movie studio and yes, “Edward Cullen” will be reprising his role as the Dark Knight. During a Cinemacon presentation in Las Vegas yesterday (April 26), Motion Picture Group Boss Toby Emmerich revealed that The Batman 2 was officially in the works and director Matt Reeves and star Robert Pattinson would be returning to for the second installment.

The announcement comes weeks after it was announced that Colin Ferrell would be getting his own Penguin spinoff series on HBO Max which would center around the classic Batman villain’s ascension to power. Ferrell did kill it as the Penguin though.

Though many had their doubts about Matt Reeves Batman reboot (mostly because of former teen heartthrob, Robert Pattinson being cast to put on the cape and cowl), the film wildly exceeded expectations and not just critically, but also commercially as it’s hauled in over $760 million worldwide. Naturally Warner Bros. saw this development and knew that they had to continue down the road that Matt Reeves has paved. Reeves for his part is just as excited to get into the next script as anyone.

Reeves took the stage briefly and said to the room of exhibitors: “Thank you all for your tremendous support for The Batman. We couldn’t have gotten here without the faith and enthusiasm of all your teams around the world. I’m excited to jump back into this world for the next chapter.”

All that we ask is that something be done about The Joker. No hate but Barry Keoghan just wasn’t it, b. And that deleted scene in which The Joker and Batman have a conversation about The Riddler, it did nothing to help his case. Recast that role and keep it moving. Just sayin.’