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For too long gamers have been bludgeoned by grating, repetitive game soundtracks. Capcom has answered their prayers by assembling the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Hip-Hop Mixtape.

The lead video from the Mixtape, “Battle Drum,” is provided by legendary Oakland Hip-Hop collective Hieroglyphics. Directed by Andrew Georgopolous and Paul Trillo, the video pays tribute to Capcom’s history in the gaming industry by evoking classic Street Fighter imagery, as the rapping protagonists take down henchmen in a variety of settings, including a junkyard and a dojo.

Hieroglyphics Tajai spoke of the video, stating,

“It’s got some live action and mimics the video game itself. It’s not just us rapping, it puts us inside the game.”

Tajai also says that the action was so intense, in fact, that,

“We had to tone it down for the final cut because it was too violent. We were really fighting behind the scenes.”

The track was produced by Domino, and features verses by Tajai, Casual and Pep Love.

With a catchy chorus, belted out powerfully by Tajai (“Hands, feet, ‘bo’s, teeth, knees, even the words I speak cut deep.”), there can be no doubt that “Battle Drum” was perfectly crafted for a fighting game like Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

The song, with its infectious chorus and pugilistic verses, will be instrumental in motivating gamers to crush their opponents. The video also features cameos by Hieroglyphics members Del The Funky Homosapien, A-Plus (and his son, who features at the beginning of the video), and Phesto, as well as Capcom’s own John Diamonon.

As previously reported, Hiero’s Souls Of Mischief will release their new album Montezuma’s Revenge on November 10th.  The album will be produced by Prince Paul.  Souls Of Mischief also kicked off their national tour at the beginning of the month which includes stops throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Check out the video below: