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Prey Director Reveals Exactly How 'God of War' Influenced 'Prey'

Source: Hulu / Prey

The Predator film franchise is getting a hard reset with the upcoming film Prey, and surprisingly it also draws some inspiration from 2018’s God of War.

Kratos’ Legendary Gear From 2018’s God of War Inspired Weapons In Prey

The latest film in The Predator franchise, Prey, takes the big game hunting alien 300 years back to the past before he encounters Arnold Scwarzhegger’s Dutch. Instead, the iconic movie monster will face Naru (Amber Midthunder), a member of the Comanche Nation who tracks and hunts the Predator to protect her tribe.

Speaking with Cassius Life’s Bernard “Beanz” Smalls Trachtenberg revealed it was challenging keeping the Predator technology advanced at the same time, showing its weaponry isn’t on the level of other Predators in other films.

“Yeah, that was the exciting thing. And also, the challenging thing of this movie was to tell the story about a Predator who was 300 years prior to the one from the original movie,” Trachtenberg told Cassius Life. “But still making sure that it had all the advanced weaponry that would make him a formidable, if not an impossible-seeming opponent to anyone on earth, but it also allowed for us to have brand new gizmos and gadgets for him to use, so it was exciting for fans at the franchise as well as newcomers to it.”

Trachtenberg was then asked about a tweet he sent out to 2018’s God of War lead designer Cory Barlog revealing that he paid homage to the game in the film and how excited he is about the game’s forthcoming sequel God of War: Ragnarok.

“The answer is extremely, but it’s the Predator shield, but even her [Naru] Tomahawk that she makes because she throws it and calls it back. It was very much inspired by playing that game. And yeah, I cannot wait for more for sure,” Trachtenberg revealed.

Pretty dope!

Prey arrives exclusively on Hulu on August 5.

Photo: Hulu / Prey