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Sony DualSense Edge

Source: Sony / Sony

The PlayStation vs. Xbox wars continue to ensue as Sony has unveiled its new DualSense Edge Wireless controller which bares some similarities to that of the Xbox Elite controller.

The Verge is reporting that during Gamescon opening night, Sony teased their new PlayStation accessory and it’s looking like it’s going to be a beaut.

The DualSense Edge allows owners to change out stick caps for three types: standard, high dome, and low dome. There are also two swappable back buttons (half-dome or lever) that can be mapped to any other buttons, much like typical paddles. You can even replace the stick modules, which is a great advantage over the Xbox Elite. These will be sold separately.

Sony has also added adjustable trigger hair locks at the rear. These locks are ideal for players who want to physically lock their triggers to half-pull and adjust the travel distance. You can also remap or deactivate button inputs and tweak stick sensitivity and dead zones.

Naturally this is going to be for those hardcore gamers who want complete control of their gaming experiences while us regular folk are just concerned with “attack” and “jump” buttons and whatnot. We simple like that.

The controller will also let users save multiple control profiles which will come in handy whenever switching up games and their preferred control settings along with an “on-controller interface with a dedicated function button that lets you quickly switch between profiles, adjust volume and chat balance, and access profile settings to tweak the controller during a game.”

Again, this is going to be a must-have controller for those hardcore gamers who have gaming chairs and whatnot at home.

Check out the teaser trailer for the DualSense Edge Wireless Controller below and let us know if you’ll be looking to upgrade to one when it drops sometime next year in the comments section below.