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Fat Joe is back in the news again for expressing his opinion. Joey Crack is now catching heat for saying that Hip-Hop was created by both Blacks and Latinos.

Editor’s Note: Hip-Hop was started in The Bronx by Black people, including Latinos and those of Caribbean descent. It’s been written about countless times, and Google is free.—aqua

As per Hot New Hip-Hop the “Lean Back” rapper posted a video that celebrates the contributions of Latinos during the beginning stages of the culture coming together in the early 1980’s. His caption read “Thank you Thank you Thank you for your contribution to HIP HOP”. For some reason the post struck a nerve with some folks and they expressed their displeasure towards his claim.

It is safe to assume he felt the heat online and he addressed it on an Instagram Live soon after. “Lately, they’ve been talking about, ‘Latinos wasn’t in rap.’ These guys are f***ing delusional” he exclaimed. He went on to detail what he experienced when he was growing up. “When hip-hop started, it’s Latinos and blacks– half and half,” he added. Unfortunately, this follow up caused the target on his back to grow even bigger and he was flamed on Twitter.
At first the criticism was pointed towards his alleged attempts of rewriting the history of Hip-Hop (the nuance was clearly lost on too many). But things proceeded to get more heated as users started to call the “Lean Back” rapper racist. “I’m glad ppl are starting to see Fat Joe for what he is. He’s been pushing that “Latino” style #WhiteSupremacy for a while. & now telling bold face LIES trying to #Colonize Hip Hop & erase Black Americans . FOH.” one user wrote. 

You can watch Joe discuss his stance below starting at the 52 minute mark below. Also, take a good look at the accounts coming for Joe, and keep in mind their potential agendas.

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