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Rocksmith+ Makes Learning To Play Guitar A Breeze

Source: Ubisoft / Rocksmith+

Learning to play a musical instrument, especially the acoustic or electric guitar or bass, can be very intimidating and keep you from fulfilling that lifelong dream of rocking out or, as Paul Rudd hilarious says, “slappin da bass.” But there is an excellent tool from the folks at Ubisoft called Rocksmith+ that successfully alleviates that fear.

Rocksmith isn’t new. It’s been out since 2011 and aimed to give gamers a much-needed alternative to games like Rockband and Guitar Hero.

With Rocksmith, instead of just simulating playing the guitar along with the tracks, Rocksmith also decided to teach its users how to play the instrument while using an actual guitar, turning lessons into a rhythm game. Over the years, Rocksmith has been praised for being a music learning tool, more than a true successor to the rhythm game franchise, but that’s not bad.

Enter Rocksmith+, a subscription service offering users three plans, $14.99 per month, $39.99 for three months, and $99.99 for an entire year, plus access to an expansive library that features over 5,000 songs on top of an in-depth suite of learning tools to make you into a guitar or bass player at any experience level.

I, myself, never had any interest in learning how to play guitar, but that all changed after a visit to Ubisoft’s office to take Rocksmith+ for a spin.

Rocksmith+ Eases You In & Adjusts As You Progress


Source: Ubisoft / Rocksmith+

It felt strange picking up a guitar; well, foreign is a better word. Thanks to the gentlemen on hand during my hands-on session, seasoned guitar users, they gave me tips on how to properly the instrument and where to place my fingers on the strings.

Lesson plans are broken up into four paths: Basics, intermediate lead guitar, intermediate rhythm guitar, and advanced, each featuring different lessons that will test your understanding of the basics with the help of a practice track.

Rocksmith+ features a unique difficulty system that adapts to your skills and will provide you with a note chart that works with you. As I slowly figured out my finger placement and hit the notes during my lesson, the game would ask me if I wanted to up the difficulty. During your lessons, you’re challenged to score 80% of notes while the speed is at 100%.


Source: Ubisoft / Rocksmith+

Instead of feeling like a boring lesson from an instructor, Rocksmith+ successfully turns it into a game that will reward you for your progression with customizable guitar necks and fretboards.

Rocksmith+ Features An Eclectic Song Selection

We already touched on Rocksmith+ having over 5,000 songs in its library across multiple genres. Whether you want to get you to learn on and jam out to your favorite rock songs like Alice Cooper’s “Spark in The Dark”  or have a chill vibe with Bill Withers’ “Aint No Sunshine,” there are plenty to choose from.

During my hands-on preview, we chose to go with the RUN DMC’s iconic Hip-Hop/Rock mashup, “Walk This Way.” It was pretty enjoyable hitting those recognizable guitar notes from the song, and felt more rewarding than just pushing buttons while playing rhythm games like Guitar Hero or Rockband.

You can head here to check out Rocksmith+’s entire song lineup.

Rocksmith+ Is For Everyone

Whether you’re experienced or just looking to learn casually, Rocksmith+ is the perfect tool if you can’t afford lessons or don’t have time to link up with an instructor.

All you need is your PC and your guitar, which you can pair with your PC using the free Rocksmith+ Connect app or a Rocksmith Real Tone Cable, which is sold separately for $29.99.

Rocksmith+ is now live, and you can sign up by heading here. 

Photo: Ubisoft