If you want to learn to play the acoustic/electric guitar or the base, Rocksmith+ is the perfect service for you.

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla is almost 2-years old, and yes, it's still getting content added to it. The latest DLC, Dawn of Ragnarök, goes all-in on the Norse mythology, and it's fun but isn't the godly divine time we hoped it would be.

Assassin's Creed Vallhalla's forthcoming expansion Dawn of Ragnarok looks to give the game more legs well into 2022.

Ubisoft's latest entry into the Rainbow Six franchise, Rainbow Six Franchise, is extremely fun when playing with friends.

Ubisoft uses its expertise in building worlds to deliver an enjoyable open-world extreme sports experience with Riders Republic.

Ubisoft's extreme sports game Riders Republic might not be on your radar, but the video game studio is giving players a chance to take it for a spin for FREE.

Does Far Cry 6 return the beloved first-person shooter/adventure game to its glory? It most certainly does.