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Modern Warfare II Campaign Trailer Teases A Global War on Drugs

Source: Activision / Modern Warfare II

Players got hands-on with the Modern Warfare II multiplayer beta. Now it’s time to learn what global threat Task Force 141 will deal with in the game’s campaign mode.

On Thursday, October 6, Activision dropped the launch trailer for Modern Warfare II’s campaign. It looks like it will be nothing short of a movie the previous Call of Duty campaigns usually feel and play like.

The 1:15 trailer confirms the rumors that the campaign in MW II will see Task Force 141 involved in the global war on drugs.

Familiar faces, Soap Mactavish, CIA agent Alex “Echo 3-1,” and General Shepherd, who make up Task Force 141, are deployed to an unnamed country in South America searching for a terrorist in bed with drug traffickers.

Call of Duty: WWII will see Infinity War interweave two controversial subjects the war on terror and the war on drugs.

There Will Surely Be Those Critical of The Campaign’s Focus On The War on Drugs

Call of Duty is no stranger to criticism when focusing on interpretations of realistic conflicts. In 2019’s Activision, Task Force 141 was deployed to a fictitious Middle Eastern country during a conflict compared to the Syrian civil war.

Both the war on drugs and the war on terror have their critics. We won’t be shocked if some people will not like the direction the campaign in Modern Warfare II is going.

Based on what we have seen in this trailer, we are in one for an action-packed story campaign reminiscent of the previous ones that made the Call of Duty franchise so damn famous.

That’s a bridge we are sure will be crossed when the game launches on October 28. Those who pre-ordered the game can play the campaign a week early.

Step into the action-packed trailer of Call of Duty: MW II’s campaign below.

Photo: Activision / Modern Warfare II