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Antisemitsm Is Not A Real Thing According to Ye

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In more Ye news, the coon in boots has added a new hot take to his growing list of tomfoolery, claiming that antisemitism is not real.

Linking up with ex-CNN host Chris Cuomo who now has another show on the NewsNation, from his vehicle, the problematic hyphenate had a lot more stupidy to get off his mind.

Among the topics discussed was Ye’s recent acquisition of Parler, the right-wing cesspool disguised as a social media platform, and his antisemitic statements.

“I don’t like the term antisemitic,” West loudly and wrongly said when asked at the 4:30 mark in the interview about his insanely troubling comments about Jewish people. “It’s been a term that’s allowed people, specifically in my industry, to get away with murder—sometimes literally—and get away with robbing and doing bad [to] people. … You’re saying it’s antisemitic, but I don’t believe in that term. One thing is, Black people are also Jew. I classify as Jew also, so I actually can’t be a antisemite. So the term is actually, uh, it’s not factual.”

After Cuomo tries to interject, West continues, “Everyone wants to shoot the messenger… ‘You have to understand’—but the thing is, the Jewish people that I’m talking about don’t have to understand. And that is that privilege that I’m not going to allow.”

Ye’s Cooning & Antisemitism Tour Shows No Sign of Slowing Down

This latest interview comes after foolish George Floyd and antisemitic comments he made during a now-pulled three-hour Drink Champs episode with its host, N.O.R.E, on an apology tour. 

It seemed like N.O.R.E was trying to get ahead of a storm brewing in the form of a possible lawsuit from Floyd’s family after falsely claiming George Floyd’s death was a result of fentanyl in his system, not the knee of disgraced cop Michael Chauvin on the back of his neck.

It looks like, for now, N.O.R.E’s decision to apologize worked because Kanye West is the only one in the crosshairs of a $250 million lawsuit filed by the mother of George Floyd’s daughter.

Per Yahoo:

“Kanye’s comments are a repugnant attempt to discount George Floyd’s life and to profit from his inhumane death,” attorney Pat D. Dixon III said in a statement on Tuesday, adding that the goal with the lawsuit is to “hold Mr. West accountable” for his “flagrant remarks.”

The lawsuit will go after West’s “business partners” and “associates” as the comments caused “harassment, misappropriation, defamation, and infliction of emotional distress.” Gianna is the sole beneficiary of Floyd’s estate.


You can watch the full interview below.

Photo: Jason Davis / Getty