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Nas "King's Disease III" Album Celebration

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

A few years ago a gang of thieves went to work robbing celebrities cribs out in Hollywood whenever they weren’t home, and though that slew of robberies has since ceased, it seems like it may be happening again.

This past Saturday (Nov. 12) burglars broke into Nas‘ home in Calabasas, California and took whatever they could before fleeing into the night. TMZ is reporting that the crooks broke into the house through the rear door around 8:30 p.m. and interestingly enough, Nas’ team was able to see the robbery in progress through the Ring camera and notified the police in the process. Unfortunately, by the time police got there the thieves were long gone with an undisclosed amount of property.

Luckily Nas wasn’t around for the robbery as he was in New York City for the album release festivities of his latest project, King’s Disease III.

As for the damage done … our sources say the guys tore the place apart and left with at least two bags worth of stuff. Unclear what exactly was taken, or how much it’s worth.

We’re told Nas is still out of town and will have to come back and do a proper inventory of the items stolen, which will then give authorities an idea of what they’re looking for. No arrests have been made and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating.

Whether or not this has any connections to the slew of celebrity home burglaries from years ago is anyone’s guess, but at least the iconic Hip-Hop legend wasn’t around when it went down as things could’ve gotten ugly.