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Universal Hip Hop Museum & NYC Mayor Eric Adams Announce 50th Anniversary Of Hip Hop Celebrations

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced yesterday (Nov. 15) that The City of New York will partner with the Universal Hip-Hop Museum to launch 50 events and fundraisers during 2023 honoring the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop. 

As seen in a news clip from CBS News, Adams took the stage alongside community leaders and Hip-Hop stars and luminary personalities dressed in a black and white adidas tracksuit in an apparent homage to Run DMC. “What we’re saying in ‘Hip-Hop is 50’ is that Hip-Hop has grown up in a manner that they are not going to be exploited,” Adams said, per theGrio

“As we talk about education in school, as we talk about the products that are going to be sold, we’re looking at the economics of Hip-Hop,” he added. “And we are saying to the legends, ‘You have a right that you invested in something, and so now, you should receive the equity that came forward from your investment.’ You should receive that.”

Adams and the Universal Hip-Hop Museum aim to raise $50 million leading up to the official opening of the UHHM in the Bronx. 

Grandmaster Flash, Roxanne Shante, Slick Rick, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run DMC, Eric B. of Eric B. and Rakim, Master Gee of Sugar Hill Gang, “Video Music Box” founder Ralph McDaniels, and more all attended the event. 

Mayor Eric Adams saluted the legends and acknowledged the role that the culture played in his life saying, “I remember running home, rushing to see Video Music Box. Ralph and I went to high school together. And he had that vision of allowing — when other stations did not want the artists to perform — Ralph McDaniels laid the platform and turned it into a conversation.”

“All educational facilities will be involved in this because I think it’s important,” McDaniels added. “Hip-Hop uses the most words out of any genre of music, and I think it’s important that our young people know how to use those words and make them work for them so they can go further. So, just so you know, education is the fifth element of Hip-Hop, and that will be represented in this celebration as well.”

The Universal Hip-Hop Museum is dedicated to the celebration and preservation of Hip-Hop music, dance, art and culture and will be a “permanent place to celebrate the music that has made the Bronx famous around the world.” The museum is set to open in 2024. For more information or to contribute, visit the official website