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“Rick Ross hasn’t reached out to me as of yet, but that’s not to say that he won’t one day.”

Before the former corrections officer was telling people what it took to be the biggest bawse that they had seen thus far, there was another idly waiting behind the prison walls whose name actually had true criminal ties attached to it.

As with Curtis Jackson, William Roberts picked up the moniker of a known criminal known as “Freeway” Ricky Ross who was slated to do a life bid behind walls, but his street smarts evolved into book smarts and resulted in him being released September 29.

Calling into 100.3 The Beat in Philadelphia to chop it up with Charlamagne Tha God, the REAL Ross spoke on how he was able to beat the justice system and see the light of day, without being imprisoned, once again.

Initially playing it off as though he had acquired three strikes, Ross said it was far from the truth as he had only been placed within the system one time prior and realistically only had one strike.

“They said since I was convicted in multiple states, that it was all criminal episodes, but basically when I studied the law, I found a loop in it where it said that you have to go to jail, get out and then get convicted again for it to be considered a strike.  That’s how I beat it.”

See kids and even inmates, reading is truly fundamental.

The former trafficker shed some light on his feelings towards two rappers located in Philadelphia that had adapted his name for their rap career.  In relation to rapper Freeway, Ross stated that he had actually reached out to him since he had been away and added that he had Ross if he needed anything.

In regards to the Boss of Miami, however, the road might not be as easy as he had previously denied knowing anything about the man of the name he carries in the industry.

“He was trying to protect his interests.  He didn’t want people to know that he wasn’t who he had been portraying to be and didn’t live the lifestyle that he said he had lived.  That’s on him.  He has to live with that and his fans have to live with it.  I don’t have an opinion one way or another on that.”

He even added that he reached out to the Boss and told him that he could continue to be himself and just keep it real.  In an attempt to build a friendship, he invited the Boss to come see him so they could chop it up.

As it stands now, the Boss could actually be a cash cow for Ross as he added that once his name was placed in the paper, it became his trademark.  Prior to his incarceration, he stated that he was building his brand and expanding on himself for future endeavors as he felt that he would be released from prison some day.  The day has arrived.

In the kindness to not stir any unnecessary hostility, it can only be a hope that the ego of the artist doesn’t get caught up with the history of the actual man.  Rap beefs might be prosperous, but actual street wars never end well for both sides.