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Insurance companies are notorious for not caring about the people who’s health is supposed to be their top priority. Numerous first-hand accounts reveal their injustices, and still, companies like Aetna and Kaiser all purport to still be working for “John and Jane Everyman.”

Christina Turner knows that not to be true.

Turner awoke on the side of a Fort Lauderdale road several months ago, nursing mysterious cuts and bruises that appeared after consuming drinks given to her by two men at a local night spot.

With signs alluding to the fact that she had been raped, the scared woman rushed to a local physician, where she was prescribed anti-AIDS medication. Luckily the 45-year-old was not infected, but unluckily, she was unceremoniously dropped from her health coverage.

Turner’s use of HIV/AIDS medication allowed her insurer to deem her rape as having been a pre-existing condition. The money hungry corporation will take her back in a few years on the condition that she can provide evidence of her AIDS-free status at that time.

“People who experience rape and sexual assault are victims,” exclaimed Susan Pisano, spokeswoman for America’s Health Insurance Plans. “We want them to be in a system where everyone is covered.”

Statistics show that the chance of contracting HIV/AIDS as the result of rape is very low.

With insurance companies able to treat their customers like this, its nothing less than the ultimate question as to why there is so much resistance against a public option?

Come on people…GET IN THE GAME!!!