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For more than a decade, James Dolan has been one of the most loathed men in New York City for the manner in which he’s run the New York Knicks amongst other things. But his most recent douche move, allegedly, puts him in a whole new villainous light.

The New York Post is reporting that Long Island attorney Alexis Majano was booted from a Knicks game after James Dolan’s team used facial recognition technology to identify him in the crowd in Madison Square Garden. The news comes days after it was revealed that Dolan used the same technology to kick another lawyer, Kelly Conlon, from a Rockettes Radio City Christmas Spectacular just last month.

Majano is part of law firm that has a pending lawsuit against Madison Square Garden Entertainment and apparently James Dolan was well aware of that fact. Because of Majano’s association with the firm, he was denied a fun night at MSG on Nov. 5 when the Knicks took on the Boston Celtics.

“A gentleman in a suit stopped me and said, “Are you Alexis Majano? The manager wants to speak with you,” he said. “I noticed security had blocked off the exit.”

One of the workers, who was decked out with a body cam, informed him that the conversation “was being recorded” — then began to grill him, he said.

Majano said the employee asked if he works for the law firm Sahn Ward Braff Koblenz — which recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a fan who fell from a Skybox at Madison Square Garden during a Billy Joel concert.

James Dolan lowkey acting real Trumpish as Majano revealed that the worker had a list of lawyers who were banned from Dolan’s playground, and it was more than a handful.

“He handed me a list of 20 to 30 pages of random names and firms. He asked me … ’Do you work for Sahn Ward? Are you an attorney?’ I said yes,” Majano said. 

“They explained very briefly: Any firms with litigation against MSG are banned,” he continued. “I was shocked.”

When Majano asked the worker how the venue had identified him, “He said, ‘We caught you on facial recognition.’”

Majano was then forced to leave the premises.

Dolan is using next level technology to punish anyone he feels is wronging him, basically. Because of these unusual business tactics, both Majano and Kelly Conlon are considering legal action against James Dolan and even with that looming threat, MSG Entertainment told the NY Post that the policy still stands.

What do y’all think of the situation? Is James Dolan being OD petty with his businesses or does he have the right to punish anyone he wants using facial recognition technology? Let us know in the comments section below.