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Enough is enough; even for public officials. A judge angrily dismissed a case after the witnesses were killed and the victim packed their bags.

As spotted on Raw Story an Alabama magistrate was clearly over it during a recent hearing regarding a robbery case from August 2019. According to WTVY Bobby Williams III of Mobile was accused of holding up another man at gunpoint and taking his smart phone against his will. But on Monday, March 6 the prosecutors on the case felt they could not move further given some very rare circumstances on available evidence. In this instance both witnesses to the alleged crime have been killed. Additionally, the victim has since moved to Colorado.

Upon hearing of these updates Mobile County Circuit Judge Ben Brooks was visibly upset calling the case “pathetic”. “You know what this reminds me of?” This reminds me of the Mafia in the 1930s,” he said. “Witnesses have disappeared in a robbery case.” Brooks went on to point to the larger issue at hand which is America’s crime problem. “This is the state we have come to. This court can’t solve the cultural problems we have,” he added. “But I can express my frustrations about it.”

The judge then addressed Mr. Williams and let him walk. “I don’t know what happened. You’re presumed innocent. But you’ve been given a big break here. I suggest you take advantage of it.” The defendant has a history of committing low level crimes in the area; most recently for marijuana possession.