Hip-Hop Clothing Aspirational Apparel Movement:

Polo Ralph Lauren is the most Hip-Hop clothing brand of all time. It was created by a man from the Bronx who was the son of European immigrants, not gentility. Ralph Lifshitz created an alter ego for himself just like graff artists, or rappers do. Ralph Lauren then brought the ultimate image of high life luxury to the American public. Ralph Lauren also understood how to market his clothing to describe his high-end aspirations. Most importantly, Ralph Lauren designed his clothing to hold timeless details and construction so that these pieces would actually last when they were taken care of.

One of the main reasons Ralph Lauren runs away from being associated with Hip-Hop is because he would also have to admit culpability in the means which people acquired his clothing. People living in abject poverty in the nation’s urban centers still have their own aspirations for wealth and luxury and if Polo Ralph Lauren defines those attributes then people would have to acquire those items. By any means necessary.

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