Hip-Hop Clothing Conspicuous Consumption Movement:
Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, MCM, Prada, Lacoste

Tom Ford won all kinds of design awards when he took the Gucci monogram print and crafted ready to wear clothing from it. He was creditied with having an ‘Urban Chic Sensibility’. Man listen, that N***a was just copying Harlem’s own Dapper Dan who was doing the same thing thirty years prior. Hip-Hop loves to act like it has more money than is actually in its bank account. Instead of wearing a gold necklace you might have a calfskin leather jacket with an all over MCM print on it. The Izod Lacoste aligator was one of the most bootlegged trademarks of all time. Bootlegging is definitely Hip-Hop.

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