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The infamous Folks Nation gang alliance birthed in the late 70s by Gangsta Disciple Nation leader and chairman Larry Hoover has spread far beyond its Chicago-based roots. On Wednesday morning (February 22), a reported Folks Nation gang leader that was wanted for his role in a series of gang hits was arrested in his girlfriend’s basement in Brooklyn where he was hiding out.

Devon Rodney allegedly ordered members of the Folks Nation to carry out hits on rival gangs and robberies spanning four states. The New York Daily News reports that Rodney ordered one hit on a rival at a block party in 2008 which led to a 10-year-old girl getting shot in the neck. Rodney has been formally charged with racketeering and conspiracy charges.

Rodney’s gang has also been tied to a spat of crime sprees that plagued the Ebbets Field Houses in Brooklyn, with seven members of the group charged with murder, robbery and a list of other offenses. Prosecutors say Rodney had been trying to discover if any of his Folks Nation gang members were working with the authorities ahead of his arrest.

“In the view of the gang, ‘snitching’ is a capital offense,” the prosecutors said earlier this month while charges were being levied upon the seven arrested gang members.

Photo: NYPD