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More than a decade ago, Jackass series superstar, Steve-O found himself at the mercy of the Wu-Tang Clan when he went complete fool and exposed himself during an Ol’ Dirty Bastard tribute at a Wu-Tang Clan performance.

Now in never-before-seen footage of the incident, we get a better picture of how things went down at the 2006 Rock The Bells festival as Steve-O himself narrates the incident. Taking to Facebook to share the newfound footage of the incident, Steve gave us a little backstory about his love for Ol’ Dirty Bastard explaining that in 2002 he ended up in the same jail cell in LA that previously held ODB and was more than honored to have been in the presence of ODB’s jail cell.

What really struck him though, was when he witnessed an Ol’ Dirty Bastard performance in which Dirt McGirt was “on stage with his pants down, d*ck out, smoking a huge blunt of PCP.” After ODB ultimately fell asleep, Steve revealed that he thought “That’s my hero.” Years later, Steve actually befriended Method Man and ran an idea across Meth and RZA in which he’d come out during ODB’s tribute at their Rock The Bells set, strip down to his birthday clothes, flip his “balls back” before doing a “perfect back flip and land with a standing mangina.”

For whatever reason, he got the green light. But when it came time to take to the stage, Method told Steve to nix the idea as he might get beat up, but Steve-O responded by saying “Dirty would love that!” He probably would’ve too, but still, it was a horrible idea. Still, Steve-O tried it. Unfortunately for him, ODB’s mother was brought onto the stage before his stunt and that only made matters worse.

After Steve-O was given the microphone to profess his love for Big Baby Jesus, the Jackass star “pulled out” much to the dismay of the Wu-Tang Clan, the crowd, and of course, Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s mother, and Raekwon immediately jumped into action. In the footage shared by Steve-O, we see a visibly angry Raekwon getting in Steve-O’s face saying, ‘I didn’t appreciate that, and I’ma tell you right now in front of all these people, you gonna apologize or I’ma knock you out in front of all these people. I’m not playing, straight up, that was disrespectful. I’m ready to f*ck you up, so you better apologize right now. And I’m going to jail, straight up.”

Apologize he did, as he quickly acknowledged his mistake saying “I honestly did not mean any disrespect. I came here because I love Dirty.” Continuing to reflect on the moment, Steve admitted “I’ve never considered myself a tough guy, but even I was surprised by what a b*tch I was in that moment.” No one wants to get stomped out by the Wu-Tang Clan. This was 2006, so y’all know they all had Timbs on too. That’s nine pairs of Timberlands not including their entourage.

Humbled by that wild experience, Steve says that he’s since tried to make things right with Method and RZA, but Raekwon on the other hand, that might be a little trickier.

“I’ve reached out to Raekwon to try to make it right with him as well, but Raekwon is not interested in talking to me about it. If I ever get the chance to meet Raekwon, I hope that we can be cool, but if he makes me apologize again, I absolutely will, very quickly.”

He ain’t talking to you no more, b.

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