Normal Nicki

Claim To Fame…

She is a female rap superstar on Lil Wayne’s Young Money record label and the only relevant woman MC in the game today. She is what you get when you mix Lil Kim, Lady GaGa and that paranoid schizophrenic bum that is always on the subway blurting out random gibberish. A pop megastar in the makings.


Before the [Editor’s Note: Alleged.] nose job, sparkling new veneers, boob job, butt injections [Editor’s Note: Again, alleged.], excessive makeup (stops to take breath) and schizoid breakdown, Nicki Minaj was a really regular female rapper from Jamaica, Queens. Hard to believe, we know. And from the way she acts now, we doubt she wants this secret out. But, yep, prior to the fame, Nicki was, well, normal. Again, we cannot make this stuff up.


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