Running With Gangs

What happens in rap…

You yell out imaginary sets, throw up gang signs, rock bandanas and maybe even toss in a crip walk or two, but you never have to put that work in. Nope, you just run with a bunch of like colored wearing cats with disgruntled looking dispositions and excessive tattoos, and therefore you are untouchable. Did we mention throwing up gang signs. Yes, that’s the quintessential part of being a rapping gang member.

Example: Game feat. Lil Wayne – “Red Nation”

What happens in real life…

You get your head bust to the white meat and beaten to within a half an inch of your life. Oh, and that’s just to let the gang know you want in. You might even have to kill an old lady or run a group of nuns off the road to show that you are down for the cause. Then after finally achieving the status of being fully accepted by the warm and loving family environment of the street gang, you get at shot at and robbed on daily for being in the street gang. You get harassed and constantly watched by the police who know you are in a gang because you brazenly walk around all day wearing all [your gang’s color here] everything. You are constantly looking over your shoulder and going through situations that might leave you pushing up daisies. If you are lucky, you get caught in a gang sweep, locked up under RICO laws and do a life sentence. If not, you take a bullet for ‘your set’ one day and end up a vegetable. But, hey, you might get to yell out “Suwuuu” like Lil Wayne.

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