Excessive Ink

What happens in rap…

You ink your whole body because you don’t give a MF. You add a naked lady here, a former slave owner there, a gun, some Chinese letters that really don’t mean what you thought they meant. Maybe even add your record label logo on your ball sac [||], or crosshairs on your forehead. The more ink the better. So what you have so much indecipherable clutter that people can barely read it. It’s there aint it! Oh yeah, you have to throw in some tattoo tears. To show that, you know, you have tears tattooed on your face.

Example: Wiz Khalifa – “Ink My Whole Body”

What happens in real life…

You end up working at McDonalds, or Wal-Mart, or construction or cooking omelets at Golden Coral. In the back. Anywhere where respectable people don’t have to see the huge panther tattoo you got on your neck when you were 15 or all six of your kids’ names on your forearm. Unless you start your own company, no one in the business world will hire you because you look like a walking bathroom stall from a subway in Harlem. At least you’ve taken the first step to starting your rap career.

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