Sagging At Ignorant Levels

What happens in rap…

You let your pants hang as low and physically possible exposing your rear end for all to see because…because…well that’s the in thing to do now and days. You have on a belt that cost $2,000, but why use it to hold up your pants? That wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever. Most of your jeans are so tight they don’t require a belt anyway, but you strategically slide them down to the spot on your legs where azz cheek meets thigh, regardless.

Examples: Plies – “Pants Hang Low”

What happens in real life…

You walk like a duck or totally lose the use of one hand during daily activities because it is spent with a strangle hold on your belt buckle so your pants won’t fall to the ground. Besides looking like a total azz (pun intended) exposing your sh#t tinged draws, depending where you are, you can be ticketed and fined. Then, when you go to run from the po-po for trying to blast you with such a bogus charge, you fall because your sagging pants are impeding your stride.

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