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Every time Ye aka Kanye West aka YeDolf Hitler is in the news, many of us are prepared to cringe because we just know the MAGA-supporting “white lives matter” anti-semite is going to be embarrassing and have us all wondering: “Seriously, is this man OK?”

Well, Ice Cube appears to think he’s doing OK. In fact, the “It Was a Good Day” rapper says that recent conversations he’s had with Donda’s son lead him to believe Yeezus is “in a good space.”

“I believe he’s doing great,” Cube said during an appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored, according to Page Six.

Cube noted that Ye is still grappling with the clothing brands he used to be partnered with and fighting for access to some of his own money, but, all things considered, he’s “in a good space.”

“I think he’s learned a lot from this past year, and hopefully he’ll come out better on the other side,” the Friday creator told Morgan. Cube indicated that he has a little insight into Ye’s current state of mind based on the heart-to-hearts the two Hip Hop giants have shared.

From Page Six:

Cube, 54, said he talked to West, 46, about the tirades, in which he glorified Hitler and tweeted about going “death con 3” on Jewish people, and how he approached his feelings the wrong way.

“I felt that if he was really upset with specific people that the message he was saying would kind of hijack what he’s really upset about,” the “Friday” star said.

“That’s kind of what happened. You just can’t generalize, you have to be specific especially if you’re taking about anybody or any race.”

Cube doubled down that West should have specified exactly whom he was talking about instead of generalizing “race.”

I mean, when it comes down to it, the generalizing of an entire race based on propaganda surrounding the perceived actions of some members of said race is basically how most bigoted movements started. So, I’m not sure Ye deserves a pass on that.

But OK, maybe Ye has grown a little in regard to his attitude toward Jewish people. Now, if only Cube can explain what Ye has learned from being an anti-Black MAGA scrub with an affinity for white lives.