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Rappers have been unable to outrun the long arm of the law as of late.  With C-Murder, T.I. and Max B behind bars, Boosie having his sentence doubled and Lil Wayne possibly facing a year, it feels as though no artist is safe from the big house and must be weary of his/her actions.

Rapper B.G. was barely able to escape as he was arrested last Tuesday following a traffic stop when authorities found three weapons in the vehicle and two were reported as being stolen.  He was booked into the Orleans Parish Prison on a charge of illegally carrying a weapon.

Appearing in magistrate court last Thursday, B.G. was able to post bond and ducked the cell, but no further information has been released in regards to another court appearance.

Speaking with HipHopWired, the rapper weighed in on the gun situation and maintains the fact that he was unaware of their presence.

“As far as I know they could’ve been in there when I was in there, I have no knowledge. I plead the 5th on this one.”

The rapper also shed some light on his feelings towards Wayne, whom he said he hasn’t spoken with since his sentence was announced.

“Fawk man, he in a Fawked up situation, hopefully they give him some house arrest or something.”

In regards to the Hot Boys reunion, B.G. stated that there will probably be a hold on it due to the circumstances, but the record is all rapped up.

Birdman stated the album might be ready for summer 2010.

A parole violation resulted in Boosie’s sentence being lengthened.  B.G. talks about the upcoming mixtape that the two crafted and adds that a person just has to look at the time in front of him/her and just deal with it.

“With Boosie, we just did a mix tape together. I’m about to put this Boosie and B.G. mix tape out in probably a couple of weeks. I’ve done mine, my time, I done mine. You can’t wine about it, you got to do it. You can’t feel like you’re above the law, they’re trying to make examples out of us.”

Louisiana rappers have been hit hard as it relates to the legal system.  Adding himself to the fray as it regards to doing time, C-Murder is dealing with a potential life sentence and Turk is still doing his time.

The rapper also gave an update on Turk who was convicted in 2006 for attempted murder of a Tennessee police officer that he shot back in 2004.

“He should be going to the halfway house soon…They tell me he getting hit with civil law suits but I think he’s going to be alright.”

With trouble continuing to follow rappers, B.G. must continue to look forward with the release of Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood, dropping December 8.