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When Kim Osorio was announced as The Source magazine’s new Editor-In-Chief in early January 2012, plenty of people were confused. Osorio ran the magazine for years but infamously left under less than favorable terms. After being fired in March 2005, she filed a lawsuit against the magazine and its founders, Dave Mays and Ray “Benzino” Scott, in November 2005, alleging gender discrimination, defamation and other charges.

The lawsuit went to trial in October 2006, and while the s-xual harassment charges were dismissed, the jury sided with Osorio on the charges of wrongful termination and defamation. Initial reports said the journalist was awarded $15.5M in damages, it was later clarified to be $8M. However, Osorio would not discuss what the financial terms actually ended up being. The Straight From The Source author did explain to Hip-Hop Wired that there was nothing odd about returning to her old stomping grounds because suing “wasn’t so much about the brand, as much it was about the owners at the time and people that were hurting the brand and me fighting for the brand.” Watch Osorio further explain in the video below.


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