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Rapper B.G. was sentenced in a New Orleans courtroom Wednesday (July 18), and the judge showed him no mercy. U.S. District Judge Helen Berrigan handed down a 14-year prison sentence to the rapper , who appeared in court, confined to a wheelchair.

B.G.—born Christopher Dorsey—pleaded guilty to two counts of felony gun possession charges and a single count for conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Back in 2009 B.G. was arrested alongside Demounde Pollard, and Jerod  Fedsion,  after being pulled over by police. Authorities uncovered three firearms, two of which were reported stolen. The men were also said to be riding in a stolen rental car at the time.   The 31-year-old former Cash Money artist  was slapped with federal possession charges, based on previous felony drug convictions on his record.

Prosecutors also linked B.G. to two of alleged murderers in the city, Telly Hankton, and Walter Porter. The rapper names both men in a music video posted online, prompting the prosecution to attempt to use the footage as evidence in their fight to have him put away for 25 years, for alleged involvement in various criminal activities. “Though many people would frown upon his art,it is art” said his lawyer, J.C. Lawrence.

While the judge concluded that his music “may have contributed to the murders of young people,” the evidence was not used against him during the trail.

As for his associates, they will also be spending a good amount of time in prison, although one received a harsher sentence than the other. Pollard was given 30 months, while Fedison was sentenced to 20 years.


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