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George Zimmerman doesn’t want to be painted as a racist, so he has decided to play up his Hispanic side. The accused killer is biracial (half-Peruvian and half-White), and noted during his first television interview that he learned English as a second language. Clearly under the impression that a person must be white to be racist, the 28-year-old has resorted to speaking in Spanish on a new message posted to YouTube, and his website, Thursday (July 20).

Similar to the letter posted on his site, Zimmerman addressed those who have offered up their support. “First and foremost I want to thank you all for visiting,” he begins. “We launched this website to thank you, my supporters. My intention was, and still is, to personally and individually thank you all.

“This is our website, it’s not my website. It is our website where you can personally communicate with me,” he adds.

After a brief pause, Zimmerman repeats his words in Spanish, vowing to keep the public updated on what he considers to be the “facts” of the shooting case.

Although his lawyer, Mike O’Mara initially wanted to monitor his client’s online presence, it appears that he has loosened the reigns. The accused killer has spoken out more in the last few days, than he has since shooting Trayvon Martin in February.

Benjamin Crump, a lawyer for the Martin family, slammed Zimmerman’s interview which aired on Fox News, predicting that the former neighborhood watch captain’s words will be used against him. “The state attorney is going to look at the interview that he did last night as a gift, when they cross examine him,” Crump said.

Unfortunately for Zimmerman, he didn’t think his latest idea through, as it has only opened him up to more public scrutiny. The video has been viewed more than 10,000 times, but many have posted comments calling him a murderer, and a racist. Others verbally attacked Martin’s parents, accusing them of trying to profit off his death.



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