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You can’t blame Young Buck for trying to put a positive spin on his financial struggles. The Tennessee rapper dropped a viral video providing his perspective on the “hoopla” he’s made recently by getting sentenced to three years in prison for weapons charges (he’ll only need to serve 18 months) and for the IRS auctioning off his possessions.

“It’s ya homeboy Young Buck in the house on house arrest. Check me out bruh, this my house arrest swag,” begins the former G-Unit rapper, before making sure to endorse his artist Tha City Paper. Buck then explains why he just had to go and buy back his own chain out of all the possession that the Tax Man put up for sale.

“These type of things, they sentimental to me,” said Buck while holding the 615 chain he re-purchased. “Anything that holds sentimental value, it had to come back. I ain’t never been no material driven type dude, even though I do let you understand, that it’s 100, ya know. But the material things they never made me. It’s nothing that anybody, not just the government, that you take can from me, other than my life, that I can’t get back.”

Yes, this comes from the man who appeared on a hit song called “Stunt 101.” Also, he’ll be dropping a new mixtape called The Auction. Watch the rest of Buck’s philosophies coming straight from his crib in the video below.



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