In any profession, one of the last things you want to be labeled as is a snitch. It doesn’t matter if you are a bus driver or the head of strategic fry operations at What A Burger. When your way of life stipulates that you act as hard body as possible and abide by all street codes, like being a rapper, this statement especially holds true.

But not all Hip-Hop artists can keep it as 100 as they claim when faced with the opportunity of giving the police a little more information than the G-code allows (which is none). On the other hand, snitching has such a leper like stigma that some artists get falsely accused of ratting in an attempt to soil their reputations. Be clear, if you do dirt, then rat on your comrades, that is snitching. However, if you are not about that life and are just a civilian going about your business, calling the authorities when a crime is committed is NOT snitching (despite what Cam’Ron will tell you). Know the difference.

That said, whether documented or just hearsay, here are 10 of Hip-Hop’s most prominent cases of the snitch label being tossed around…


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