Members of a Pennsylvania tea party group had a good laugh at President Obama’s expense, thanks to an email sent out Monday (Aug. 9). The alleged “joke” email titled Our Forefathers Express Their Outrage, describes the POTUS being beaten by this country’s Founding Fathers. “As Obama lay bleeding in pain, an Angel appeared,” reads the email. “Obama wept and said ‘This is not what you promised me.’”

The Northeast Pennsylvania Spirit of 1776 group sent out the correspondence, which also pegs the president as a Muslim. “The Angel replied, ‘I told you there would be 72 VIRGINIANS waiting for you in Heaven,’” the email continues, referencing a sensationalized mythical belief that Muslim men who sacrifice themselves will be greeted in heaven by 72 virgins.

Once the email hit the news circuit, the group released a statement calling “the Left” (also known as liberals, Democrats, and anyone that has a problem with  Republicans) a bunch of “vile vulgar and humorless” individuals that are both “ignorant and clueless.” The statement also explained that the email “has been circulating around for more than two years.”

Obama has long been the focus of racism, threats against his life, and inquiries into his citizenship, and religious background. He has yet to respond to this latest act of ignorance.

Click below to see a copy of the email.


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Photo: AP

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