11. Ric Flair

Namedrop: “Wooo! That’s rare n***a. Wooo! Ric Flair n***a. The power’s in my hair n***a.” – Pusha T, “I Don’t Like (Remix),” Cruel Summer

Before rap had any type of swag or flashy lifestyle behind it, the limosine riding, jet flyin’, kiss stealin’ wheelin’ dealin’ son of a gun known as Ric Flair was winning championships and doing it with style. As a 17-time world champion in the NWA, WCW and WWE, Ric Flair was the Muhammad Ali of professional wrestling. Not only was he as great as he says he was, but absolutely nobody talked a bigger game than “The Nature Boy.” His influence is littered in tons of rappers today who grew up watching pro wrestling.

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