5. Deion Sanders 

Namedrop: “Red, black, and white Chevy now I’m ridin’ Deion. Put them lights off in my rims, now I’m ridin’ neon” – Young Dro, “Shoulder Lean,” Best Thang Smokin’

Don’t be fooled by the trouble he ran into this past year with his ex wife, “Pilar,” Deion was one of the baddest mofos ever to participate in professional sports. Not only was he a two sport star in Major League Baseball and the NFL, he has one of the rare distinction of playing on both of America’s team’s, The New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys. He won two Superbowls and set records for most punt returns, kick returns, and interceptions for touchdowns in the NFL. He also has the greatest end zone dance of all-time. All of these accomplishments, and that’s without mentioning his foray into rap/singing “Must Be The Money.” Hold that, Drake.

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