1. Allen Iverson 

Namedrop: “I be the east side Soprano, Rob Marciano, Flow in each channel with the Iverson handle” – Black Rob, “Let’s Get It (Remix)” We Invented The Remix

Never before, and quite possibly never again will there be another athlete who repped for Hip-Hop more than Bubba Chuck. Iverson’s entire style, swagger, confidence, and heart was the embodiment of Hip-Hop. He was defiant, he was proud, he was confident, cocky, and above all, he was real. His commercials with Jadakiss and Reebok gave Nike a run for it’s money and his rebellious attitude made David Stern harlem shake in his loafers. The reason why there even is a dress code in the NBA is all because of Iverson, and when you look up “hood legend” in the dictionary, Iverson will be front and center. Although the NBA record books might try to make you forget the greatness of A.I., Hip-Hop never will.

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