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To be fair the third presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney wasn’t a complete knock-out-drag-down fight, but it got pretty close. Perhaps it was his strategy to remain cool, calm, and collected, but Romney seemed noticeably more peaceful than the president who took the former governor to task more than once.

Being that foreign policy is not his strong point, Romney rode in the passenger seat for much of discourse, even agreeing with the president on more than one occasion. “It was amazing,” Fox News analyst Joe Trippi said, of how often Romney reached a harmonious level with the commander in chief.

“The president came to rough up Mitt Romney,” added CNN’s Candy Crowley, moderator of the second debate in New York, last week. “I feel like Mitt Romney approached this like a physician: first, do no harm.

But it wasn’t all so sugary, having already lost the first debate at the top of the month, Obama  wouldn’t allow history to repeat itself. He was not afraid to call his opponent out stating, “Nothing Governor Romney just said is true,” in regards to claims that after becoming president he went on an international “apology tour,” failing to meet with Israel, our country’s biggest ally. As pointed out by the Associated Press, Obama did in fact go on the tour, but not to repent:

THE FACTS: Romney has indeed repeatedly and wrongly accused the president of traveling the world early in his presidency and apologizing for U.S. behavior. Obama didn’t say “sorry” in those travels. But in this debate, Romney at last explained the context of his accusation: not that Obama apologized literally, but that he had been too deferential in his visits to Europe, Latin America and the Muslim world.

Obama said while abroad that the U.S. acted “contrary to our traditions and ideals” in its treatment of terrorist suspects, that “America has too often been selective in its promotion of democracy,” that the U.S. “certainly shares blame” for international economic turmoil and has sometimes “shown arrogance and been dismissive, even divisive” toward Europe. Yet he also praised America and its ideals.


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