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40 Glocc aka Big Bad 40 is suing Compton rapper the Game for jumping him back in July. Yep, an artist that basically claims to be about that life in his music, called in his lawyer. 

TMZ reports that 40 filed the lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court and the G-Unit affiliated rapper alleges that he was jumped by Game and his entourage of about 15 people on July 7th after leaving a party in the Hollywood Hills.

40 claims that the iPhone video that Game shared with the world of him catching the fade failed to include the portion where he had a gun drawn on him.

In his suit, 40 says the video does NOT show the full story … claiming Game had chased after him with a gun … and shouted, “Freeze or I’ma shoot, n*gga.”

40 claims he tried to escape … but Game caught up, pointed the gun at his chest and told him not to fight back or he would “end it right now.”

In the docs, 40 says he obliged … and Game and Game’s crew proceeded to beat him mercilessly … causing major injuries to his right eye, ribs, kidneys, right shoulder and back.  

40 also says he suffered wounds to his face, head, legs, arms and hands.

40’s lawsuit is consistent with the account he gave after the incident, saying the only reason he wasn’t fighting back was because the other guys had a gun.

If this means no one gets killed over this dumb Shyte, cool. However, the irony of a rapper named “40 Glocc” suing a rapped called “The Game” is incredible.


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Photo: TMZ