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“I’m just disappointed in the way he let the success get to him.”

Before T-Pain catapulted his solo career to where it’s at now, the rapper/singer was part of a group known as the Nappy Heads.

While in Tallahassee, Florida, the group was able to gain success in the early 2000s and was widely known in the South.

As is with most situations as a group, they decided to disband and pursue solo careers in order to bring more exposure nationally, which would benefit the whole when they were able to come back together.

“None of the members [were meant to be seen] as THE star of the group, they were all stars of a group.  They were participants of a group.”

Like Nelly did with the St. Lunatics, 50 Cent with G-Unit and Eminem with D12, the major success of one artist was meant to act like an outlet to bring the team along and finish where they started.

“It was a big family, all of us grew up together.”

According to an upcoming documentary titled The Untold Story: Nappy Heads, T-Pain hasn’t come through with his part of the bargain.  After signing with Akon and Konvict Muzik, Pain has gone on to release three albums, with the fourth album, Revolver, on the way, but there has been no word of bring back the old crew. 

Members of the group stated that they noticed shady business going on with Pain as he started to pursue his own career and continued to lose focus on the group.

“We come in the studio to do work as a group, but he didn’t wanna do nothing.  The next day we come back in the studio, he got 2 and 3 songs by himself.”

A source added that Pain used them when he came back home because he was aware of the fact that he wouldn’t get the reaction he wanted unless he had them alongside him at particular venues.

“After almost 10 years of knowing each other just to say it’s all about me now.”

Peep the trailer for The Untold Story: Nappy Headz below:

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