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A 2007 video from a radio interview with Mitt Romney has gone viral. The clip, taken from a  20-minute sit-down with a conservative radio host at WHO-AM in Des Moines, Iowa shows the Republican candidate being questioned about his stance on abortion as it relates to his Mormon faith.

Agitated by the question posed during a commercial break, Romney stands behind a pro-life aesthetic. “My church has very strong beliefs that Mormons should not participate in, encourage… in any way support abortion.” 

Things get heated when Romney feels that the talk-show host is trying to discredit his statements. “I understand my faith better than you do,” he adds before further clarifying  the beliefs of the Mormon church. “We are vehemently opposed to abortion ourselves, and for ourselves, but we allow other people to make their own choices.”

According to the former governor, Mormons are not necessarily bound by the views in their religious doctrine, and some even stand on the side of pro-life. Yet during the interview, he explained that even from a political standpoint, he will not change his beliefs. “I disagree with that view. Politically I looked at it and said ‘That’s wrong.’ It’s not a Mormon thing, it’s a secular position to say ‘You know what? I was wrong. We should have, as a society, a prohibition on abortion in the following circumstances.’ It’s not violating my faith, let me assure you.”

During his campaign efforts Romney has said that there is no legislation “with regards to abortion” on his presidential agenda, a more liberal view, and obvious shift from previously stated plans to be a “pro-life president” and “remove funding from Planned Parenthood.”

This isn’t the first time that an old Romney recording has raised eyebrow, but when asked about the interview, he accused the station of using a “hidden camera on the console,” to tape the discourse.

Ross Peterson, a producer of the show told Politico that the airing of the interview “was dishonest,” but asserts that the 65-year-old was well aware of the camera, which was “in plain sight.”

The interview also features talk of the second-coming of Jesus Christ (which won’t be taking place in the state of Missouri, as the host claims).


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