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Although Swizz Beatz manages multiple jobs and responsibilities, it seems like keeping current on his taxes gets lost in the shuffle. The accomplished Hip-Hop producer, collector of art and husband to Alicia Keys, among other duties, owes about $98,000 in New York state taxes from 2010 and $2.6 million in federal taxes. 

TMZ reports that the Bronx native, born Kaseem Dean, recently had a lien field against him in New York  for the dough he owes.

Swizz’s taxes trouble are nothing new. The federal tax money he owes has been reported for years, with that $2.6M figure being tossed around since early 2011 at the latest.

It’s not like Swizz has been jobless, since his tax issues have been made public he has produced tracks for Nas (“Summer On Smash”), Jay-Z & Kanye West (“Welcome 2 The Jungle,” “Murder 2 Excellence”) and Alicia Keys (“New Day”), among others.

Also, Swizz was recently named global ambassador of New York City’s Health and Hospitals Corporation’s.


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Photo: Swizz Beatz